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Bankruptcy: A Positive Step Forward
While many people see bankruptcy as a negative, in actuality bankruptcy is a positive step forward to a brighter future. Bankruptcy will allow you to start your financial life over and begin the process of rebuilding your credit, your good name and your future. Bankruptcy provides debt relief and releases you from the stress and pressure that can make life a living hell.

We are currently living in tough economic times. You may be one of the millions of people in America who are having trouble making ends meet because of a job loss, bad investments, or crippling medical bills. Whatever the reason, do not be afraid to ask for help.  At Blair & Fitzsimmons we are experts in helping people like you get a fresh start through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, or business bankruptcy.

Common Myths About Bankruptcy
Myth #1
The new bankruptcy law places many new restrictions on who is eligible to file bankruptcy.

The new bankruptcy law contains a “means test” which is used to determine who is eligible to file bankruptcy. Basically, a debtors income is reviewed to determine what types of bankruptcy debtors will be eligible to file. The means test was intended to force more debtors into filing Chapter 13 instead of Chapter7. However, it is estimated that most debtors who would have been eligible to file Chapter 7 under the prior law will be eligible to do so under the new law.

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Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dubuque
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We are a debt relief agency under Federal Law.
We help people file bankruptcy petitions to obtain relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

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